Sarah Kinsinger, PhD
Dr. Kinsinger is currently associate Professor of Medicine and Psychiatry and Director of the Behavorial Medicine for Digestive Health Program at Loyola University Medical Center in Chicago. She received her doctorate degree in clinical psychology and is a certified clinical psychologist. Ms. Kinsinger is the founder and co-chair of the Pyschogastroenterology Working group at the Rome Foundation and advisory board member at metaMe Health. She has been invited to lecture, train and teach at many health foundations and medical centers at leading universities and institutes around the country. She has authored or co-authored numerous publications and books in the areas of cognitive behavioral therapy for irritable bowel syndrome, psychological treatments for GI diseases and integrated psychosocial gastroenterology. Ms Kinsinger is co-authoring a book chapter on Psychological treatments for GI diseases, in Encyclopedia of Gastroenterology with Olafur Paulsson and Laurie Keefer, other speakers at the Rome Foundation CME workshops. 
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